Social Media and Website Services:

Set up linked Instagram and Facebook Pages

Instagram and/or Facebook Page Management:

  • Create a daily update with engaging content. E.g: Status posts such as photos, special offers, new products, news, etc.
  • Questions
  • Links to relevant YouTube videos and Facebook items
  • Create events
  • Notify you when customers need direct contact or questions answered
  • Monitor your page to delete unwelcome posts and comments
  • Weekly update on your page’s user statistics

Other Facebook options:

  • Create, manage and link Twitter account to your Facebook page
  • Claim your Facebook “Place” so customers can “check in”
  • Create a custom “Tab” or “App” to promote your Business

Website Development:

I can create a complete website for your business and organise everything from domain registration to hosting and graphic design. Prices will vary depending on your requirements.


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